Q: Tell us about yourself.
A: I’m 39, born in Omaha Nebraska, which had two seasons, watching corn grow, and shoveling snow. Both of my parents were teachers (just retired after 42 years)

Q: Why did you decide to pursue CrossFit?
A: Willie was my neighbor in Lewisville, he suckered me into it. Before signing up I’d see him doing crazy things like pulling a sled behind him, lifting heavy atlas balls, flipping tractor tires, running around with a weighted vest. None of this looked normal at the time, it would be the equivalent of wearing a fanny pack with white socks pulled up to your knees. I mostly sitting behind a computer all day and really just wanted to see if I could flip a tractor tire.

Q: How long have you been a member of Crossfit3040?
A: September 2011 when Willie was doing CrossFit outside of his garage. It was a great change from the normal gym routine.

Q:What is your favorite benchmark/hero WOD and why?
A: I don’t have any WOD that are my favorite. Murph comes to mind, that I hate the most. How do I do a 100 pull-ups after I just got done running a mile?
Q: What do you consider your proudest moment or greatest accomplishment at Crossfit3040?
A: There has been a few times that I wasn’t last on a Met-con, that feels awesome! Having a heart attack, die, or throwing up at Willie’s gym are some of the others. It’s the moment when you only have 30 seconds on the clock and want to finish your set, so you stop wasting time breathing and pound out as many reps as you can. I’ve always gotten close to throwing up after a Met-con, a few times I had to swallow it, but it’s never fully comes out. I’ll aim it towards Willie if it happens, that will be his reward.

Q: How has getting in shape changed your life?
A: It’s allowed me to enjoy other experiences that I enjoy like hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing. I also believe that it helps keep you young and lowers your risk of any heath related issues. Funny, but as I type this my lower back is hurting from dead-lifts from yesterday. It also helps control my alcohol intake as the two don’t go well with each other. How can you do wall balls and burpees after drinking the night before?

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do outside of CrossFit?
A: Visiting national parks, hikes and waterfalls. Repairing vehicles in the garage with a drink or two. Ok, maybe three or four.