After a lifetime of sports and running competitively, Jamie decided in 2011 to add Crossfit to her half marathon training.  The physical results and being surrounded by an exceptional community of positive, hard-working friends has kept her coming back every day for 9 years.

Always looking to learn, grow, and challenge herself, Jamie then decided her next step was to earn L1/2 coaching certifications to share the benefits of CrossFit with others.  She also shares her passion for functional fitness by leading classes for middle and high school students at Arrow Christian Academy.
As a coach, Jamie is inspired by athletes that put in the work to develop skills they never thought possible and, as a result, gain confidence that transfers into all areas of life. She notes that the beauty of 3040’s programming and coaching is…everything is scaleable and progressions are taught for each athlete, regardless of their ability or limitations.  The competitive athlete and brand new athlete can WOD side by side with the same perceived level of intensity.  This leads to a special bond between members as we encourage each other, suffer together, achieve goals, overcome hurdles, and make positive, life-long changes together.
Jamie is a Colorado native.  She is married to Todd Burgess and they have five children, ages 26-11.  She also homeschools their two youngest daughters.