I got into CrossFit when I was a driver for the fire department. My crew and I would either look on the website or try and make up some workout that was CrossFit-ish. When I was transferred to a different station I tried to maintain some sort of CrossFit regime but had trouble pushing myself when working out alone. I come to CrossFit 3040; when I first started it was extremely intimidating and difficult but over time and with coaching my form and mobility improved.

I became a coach because I wanted people to relate to me when they first come into the gym. I started with bad form, lacking strength in a lot of areas, and really bad mobility. CrosFit is intimidating when you first walk in, it’s not like most gyms and the things we do are not like most gyms. I was the guy that walked in and although I thought I was in good shape, I was still highly intimidated and not in CrossFit shape. I wanted to make others feel at ease and be an example of what proper coaching is capable of.

CrossFit Level 1