1. Tell us about yourself (family, pets, past athletics, where you grew up)
I’m 22 years old. I grew up in Irving and graduated from MacArthur High School. Growing up I played a little bit of football but Baseball was what I enjoyed and played through high school. I’ve got a big family that’s close and we are able to get together often, and a niece and nephew that are pretty cool. I just finished school I got my first “real job” with the Euless Fire Department and I am loving every minute of it. I look forward to getting out of town and moving to the country pretty soon!2. Why did you decide to pursue Crossfit?
My brother (Thomas Anderson, unfortunately) and Becky have been trying to get me into Crossfit for years but I wasn’t having it. In June of 2017 I failed the physical agility test for the Grapevine Fire Department and it lit a fire in me. I was 21 years old, there was no reason for me to be that out of shape. That was all the ammo my brother needed to guilt me into it and I’m glad he did. I signed up the next week!3. How long have you been a member of Crossfit3040?
Since July of 2017.

4. What is your favorite benchmark/hero Wod and why?
They all suck but I’d have to give it to Nancy. We did it right after I started Crossfit and I thought there was no way I was going to be able to complete this, but somehow I did. We did it again a couple weeks ago and I was able to double my OHS weight and shave over five minutes off my time, that made me feel good!

5. What do you consider your proudest moment or greatest accomplishment at Crossfit3040?
Getting my first double under in the open this year was pretty awesome.

6. How has getting in shape changed your life?
I’m down nearly 50 pounds and feel better than I ever have. Without CrossFit I don’t know that I would have ever been able to pass a physical agility test to get a Fire Department job. It’s a nice feeling going to work and knowing that I’ll be able to perform whatever tasks are thrown our way and not be completely beat down before we finish.

7. What are some of your favorite things to do outside of Crossfit?
My favorite thing to do outside of Crossfit is hunting. I also really enjoy spending time with my family, camping and traveling, and watching Rangers baseball!

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