Regularly Learn and Play New Sports

By Coach Willie

Back around 2001, CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman wrote the well known “World Class Fitness in 100 Words”. The last sentence of this writing says “Regularly Learn and Play New Sports”. We are in the gym to learn to move better, develop coordination and new skills, and get stronger. All of these things can help us in our everyday lives, but can also help us with our other athletic endeavors.If you are like me you love to train CrossFit, regardless of how much it can sometimes suck in the moment. I personally love the suffering, learning to push my body to its limits, and finding new limits as to what I am capable of. I enjoy the challenge of being able to hone in the technique, coordination, power, and fitness of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk and be able to lift competitively in the world of Masters Weightlifting. What’s great is being able to use the skills and strength I have gained in CrossFit and Weightlifting, and applying that to compete in a new and growing sport.

A vast majority of adults no longer participate in organized sports or activities outside of the gym. I am not suggesting you run out and sign up for the first available league, but to look outside and see what you can also enjoy on your days off of the gym and the weekends. The meaning behind this statement from Greg Glassman is to get out and use your fitness and have fun with it. Go hiking/running around the trails of Lake Grapevine , do some indoor rock climbing, stand up paddle boarding, ride a bike, go to the batting cages, or compete in a CrossFit competition. Get some friends together and play a touch football game, a pick up basketball game, or play some volleyball and use that power and jumping abilities you have gained. At the end of the day our goal with CrossFit is to be healthier, move better, and become fitter versions of ourselves. Get out in the world and have fun with it!