This membership option is ideal for those who want to follow their own programming and are proficient in the movements they practice. If you’re an experienced olympic weightlifter, powerlifter or CrossFit competitor and prefer a self paced, self motivated approach this may be a good option for you. At CrossFit 3040 you won’t be scolded for dropping plates or making too much noise.

Open gym is also available to anyone with a current CrossFit membership. We know that all athletes have individualized goals that drive them to put in extra work. Open Gym is intended to provide athletes an independent skill/strength time block above and beyond the regular classes. It’s a great time for athletes to practice gymnastics skills, dial in their Olympic Weightlifting form, become more proficient in troublesome movements and put in extra work to gain strength.

CrossFit 3040 Lewisville currently offers open gym at times when there is not a CrossFit class in session.

Open Gym:
Monday- Friday
7:00am – 12:00pm