Willie McLendon
Head Trainer and Owner

Willie graduated from the University of North Texas in 2002 with a degree in Marketing. In Junior High and up through his sophomore year of High School he ran in Cross Country, but for the remainder of H.S. time and throughout college he did not lead an active lifestyle.  In 2003 he discovered the weight room and spent several years just lifting weights, with no real direction or focus other than to get stronger.  He first discovered CrossFit in June of 2009 when some friends from Indiana recommended he try out some workouts from www.CrossFit.com and try an entirely different concept of working out.  He, like most other people, got hooked pretty quickly and CrossFit brought an entirely different view to what being fit really meant.  After spending a year working through the CrossFit main site programming and trying to learn the technical movements on his own, he decided to push for the next level and join a local CrossFit Affiliate.  This opened up a whole new world of what people were capable of and allowed him to see what the CrossFit community was really about.  Throughout the coming months Willie made a decision that at one point he would create a new path for his future and run his own CrossFit box.   In July 2011 he established a garage gym named North Texas Strength & Endurance where he would hold classes to train friends and family members during his off hours.  CrossFit 3040 officially opened at it’s permanent location in February of 2013.


CrossFit Level 1 Certification – April 2011
CrossFit Endurance Certification – February 2011
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification – November 2011


CrossFit Denton County Summer Games 2010 – 3rd Place
CrossFit May Day Challenge 2011 – 1st Place
CrossFit FXTX Games Unleashed III – 3rd Place
CrossFit Open 2011 – 125th in Region
CrossFit Open 2012 – 375th in Region
CrossFit Open 2013 – 101st in Region
CrossFit Open 2014 – 142nd in Region
Warrior Dash 2010
Jailbreak 2010 – 1st in Heat
MudQuest Crusade 2010 – 2nd in Heat
Tough Mudder 2011 – 2nd in Heat
MudQuest Crusade 2011 – Winner of Dash for Cash
Spartan Beast 2012
Battle of the Titans 2013 – 2nd Place
Eastbound Throwdown 2013 – 8th Place
Raising the Bar for Autism Competition Aug 2013 – 1st Place RX Team
Barbell Combat Tour Oct 2013 RX Team Coed – 2nd Place
2013 Power Monkey Training Camp Competition – 3rd Place
2015 NRG Throwdown at the NRG Games Expo – 2nd Place RX Team

2015 Back to School Barbell Bash – 1st Place RX Team

2016 Texas State Weightlifting Championships – 1st Place Men’s 35-39 105kg weight class. New record holder of the Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and Total