1. Tell us about yourself

I grew up here in the Dallas area in a small town called Argyle but moved to Austin to go to the University of Texas where I got my degree in Economics and joined the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. I moved back here 3 years ago where I am a project manager at my dads construction company. I have 2 sisters, many of you know Mariana who works out every once in a while at the gym.

2. Why did you decide to pursue Crossfit?

I had recently started to get back to working out, but I didn’t really have a good routine. One weekend my sister invited me to hang out with her and her friends. Later that night some of the guys had told me to try it out for a week. Then I got hooked. I had learned a lot and felt like I was able to have some guidance to my workout.

3. How long have you been a member of Crossfit3040?

I have been a member for 9 months.

4. What is your favorite benchmark/hero Wod and why?

I can’t say I have a favorite Wod yet. Still looking for the Wod that can literally take my breath away.

5. What do you consider your proudest moment or greatest accomplishment at Crossfit3040?

First muscle up for sure! But I always enjoy hitting other goals I’ve set for myself.

6. How has getting in shape changed your life?

I have felt a lot better since deciding to get back in shape, both physically and mentally. I have more energy and gave me more confidence in myself.

7. What are some of your favorite things to do outside of Crossfit?

I like hanging with friends, playing basketball, and binge watching shows on Netflix.